Database Wellness Solution

Database Wellness Solution


Ent-Vision is the Asia next generation Database Wellness Solution that focuses on high quality enterprise data services.
It is powered by Big Data technology to build enterprise insights.

Key Features of Ent-Vision

1. Data Cleansing
Ent-Vision Data Cleansing serves to standardise free-text data and identify duplicates in the enterprise customer database.

Data Standardisation
•Standardise inconsistently formatted or free-text data
•System mapping of data fields to standard lookup list

Data Deduplication
•Guarded by 15 levels of name matching rules with varying matching confidence
•Identify and remove up to 95% of duplicates in your database

Data Merging
•Merge duplicates with flexible merging treatments for different data fields

2. Corporate Data Enrichment
Ent-Vision Data Enrichment is a value adding process, where external data from multiple sources is added to the existing data set to enhance the quality and richness of the data.

In the recent Experian Data Quality Report 2016, it was reported that the biggest data challenge lies with missing or outdated data, which often hamper sales and marketing performance. We sometimes observe that the address of a business or the key executive of the organisation may change, which would eventually lead to an accumulation of outdated data in the system.

Ent-Vision extracts unstructured data from corporate websites and industry-focused news sites and transform them into structured corporate data that can be linked back to the master data.

Benefits of using Ent-Vision
•Improved data quality for more business opportunities and increased revenue
•Cost effective and time saving
•Clearer visibility into internal insights for prompt and accurate business decision.

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