Document Management Solution

Document Management Solution


 E-Document Enterprise Document solution (E-Document) is an end-to-end delivery control, document archiving and management system which offers complete print to pack and delivery tracking capabilities.

Ease of integration into organization’s existing Financial or ERP application to enhance document printing functionalities. Contents to be printed on each document page can be controlled according to the customer’s profile and output to different printers based on the type of document.

All delivery documents are barcoded for tractability in the movement of goods. Scanned images of customer endorsed delivery documents are automatically attached to corresponding transactions in the ERP, helping to reduce document processing cost, faster document retrieval, shorter payment.


Delivery Process


Benefits of using E-Document

  • Reduction of missing, misplaced or misfiling of customer endorsed delivery documents
  • Instantly available proof of delivery
  • Quick response to customer queries on order delivery status
  • Solution to avoid double shipping
  • Reduction in administrative expense
  • Reduce risk of non-payment associated with inefficient manual paperwork
  • Improved receivables aging with shorter payment cycle
  • Online tracking on entire delivery fulfilment and billing process
  • Reduction in documents storage cost through online document archiving
  • Strengthen staff accountability on delivery process


Ease of Implementation

  • No change to existing financial application required
  • User friendly and minimum learning required
  • Closed loop work flow covering entire delivery process
  • Semi customize to suit your delivery fulfilment process