Logitech Meetup

Logitech Meetup

Logitech Meetup

17 February - 31 March 2020

All-in-one conferencecam with an ultra-wide lens for small rooms

Logitech® MeetUp is a premier ConferenceCam designed for small conference rooms and huddle rooms. With a room capturing, superwide 120° field of view, MeetUp makes every seat at the table clearly visible. Motorized pan/tilt widens FOV even further: up to 170°. A low-distortion Logitech-engineered lens, Ultra HD 4K optics, and three cameras presets deliver remarkable video quality and further enhance face-to-face collaboration.



Super-wide 120° field of view

Widest field of view of any Logitech video conferencing solution allows everyone in the room to be seen, even those close to the camera or seated at the edges of the room


Ultra HD 4K image sensor

Supports multiple resolutions, including 4K (Ultra HD) 1080p (Full HD) and 720p (HD) to best support the quality offered by your application and monitor.


All-in-one design

Compact all-in-one form factor takes up less space and minimizes cable clutter.


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