HP PageWide technology has been scaled to the office, reinventing expectations for fastest speeds, professional color and best energy efficiency at the lowest total cost of ownership in its class. 
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Productivity declined due to frequent printer break is a common problem faced by most businesses. Apart from losing productivity, what businesses did not realize is that such down time may also result in loss of opportunities, additional cost incurred due to disrupted business processes, and decrease in customer satisfactory and loyalty. To avoid such scenarios, smart businesses have been paying...
The world’s most secure printing - HP Enterprise printers can detect, protect, and even self-heal from attacks–automatically. Only HP printers can stop an attack the moment it starts with unique security features. Defend your network with the world’s most secure printers. Self-healing security features guard against attacks - from boot up to shut down.  
HP LaserJet 400 series with JetIntelligence Toner cartridges—best in class first page out speeds, more prints per cartridge, and best in class energy efficiency.
Compared to the daily operation and sales activities, the tracking of printing supply inventory may seem insignificant but in actual fact, effective tracking via inventory control management can significant improve operational cost via reducing hidden managing inventory storage, administrative cost and improved productivity. Reducing Office Supplies Inventory "Creep" Most organisations tend to...
The new HP LaserJet 500 series with JetIntelligence Toner cartridges—the world’s most secure printers. Designed for unparalleled performance. Defend your network with the world's most secure printers. The new enterprise HP LaserJets with JetIntelligence provide the industry's deepest printer security.  
Achieve Strategic Sales Planning With Unified Data  Background A Fortune 500 Company commences its sales planning for the next quarter. It plans to cross-match the Top 1,000 companies from multi-industries with their existing CRM accounts. At the same time, it aims to link the data between their CRM and Marketing Automation. The matching exercise is expected to provide a complete view of the...
Reimagine the desktop experience with HP’s smallest desktop Simple one-touch integrated conferencing designed for the office of the future and offering the security, manageability, and power of a PC. The soul of a powerful PC inside a beautiful modular body, HP Elite Slice is like no desktop you’ve ever seen.
HP PageWide Business Printers  Introducing the reinvented HP PageWide printers and MFPs, featuring HP PageWide Technology that combines best-in-class total cost of ownership, fast print speeds, professional-quality color documents, fleet management and exceptional security and energy efficiency for businesses and enterprises.