Optimise Sales Visit With Data Cleansing and GeoAnalytics

ScenarioA well-established hospitality group assigns few hundreds of salespeople on daily basis to visit existing corporate customers for account maintenance and to call on prospective customers to cultivate new businesses. However, sales resources are not optimized due to inefficient daily sales route planning. In addition, the management has no visibility of clusters where majority of important customers and prospects are located.ChallengesUnproductive Sales Visit RoutingDifficult to schedule account visits by proximity as the address database is not properly segmented to district, street and building.Duplicate AccountsHigh percentage of new acquired accounts already exist in the CRM system.Manual Cleansing Almost ImpossibleUnable to manually verify new accounts with existing CRM database due to different naming conventions and large data volume.No Visibility of Key Accounts DistributionManagement is unable to visualize clusters of important accounts to plan focused sale visits. Solutions​1. Ent-Vision Data Cleansing & Address StandardizationConsolidate unstructured data from multiple data sources to perform data standardization, deduplication and merging to provide precise account and contact information.Standardise addresses into specific segments and transform the addresses into GPS coordinates with pinpoint on the map to facilitate sales route planning by location for each particular day.2. Ent-Vision GeoAnalyticsBy overlaying demographic and client data on geographical map, the top management can view concentration of particular clients’ distribution to gain deeper insights and to explore untapped business opportunities.In Summary, Ent-Vision Data Cleansing and Address Standardization integrated with GeoAnalytics services can greatly enhanced the quality of targeted account database, maximize routing time to increase sales opportunities, resulting in improved Sales and ROI for the hospitality group.Find Out More!Contact us at 6872 0101 or email us at 01marcom@01.sg to find out how we can help you in Address Standardisation and GeoAnalytics.​