Protect Your Business from Hackers - First 50,000 b&w Prints for FREE!

Protect Your Business from Hackers - First 50,000 b&w Prints for FREE!

01 July - 31 August 2020

Celebrate the new year by hack-proofing your business with the power and secure A3 MFPs from HP.

Not only do HP printers give you more savings, they also safeguard your business from cybersecurity threats.

Did you know that data breaches have doubled year-on-year?1 Don't leave your business from cybersecurity­­­­­—outdated printers are easy targets—critical gaps may exist in your imaging and printing environment. Engineered with next-generation technology, HP printers will defend your network with the world's most secure printing2.

Sign a 5-year service contract with the world's most secure MFPs and receive your first 50,000 b&w prints on us!



  1. https://www.healthcaredive.com/news/data-breaches-in-2019-already-double-all-of-last-year/560059/
  2. Based on HP review of 2018 published security features of competitive in-class printers. Only HP offers a combination of security features that can monitor to detect and automatically stop an attack then self-validate software integrity in a reboot. For a list of printers, visit www.hp.com/go/PrintersThatProtect 


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