Sharpen Strategic Location Selection With GeoAnalytics

ScenarioAn automobile company has a network of thousands of dealers and service centers across the country. In order to enhance after-sales services to retain customer’s loyalty and to stay competitive, the company plans to open new service centres with the intention of providing easy access to increasing customer base. ChallengesComplexity from Multiple Data SourcesIt’s extremely difficult to synchronize and merge high volume customer data submit by different dealers in diversified format. Low Geocoding Success RateUnstandardized and dirty address data fail to obtain accurate GPS coordinates when input to map providers such as Google Map or Bing Map. Unable to Identify Optimal Service Centre Location Commercial director cannot visualize customer distribution on the map to decide the best location for new service centers. Solutions1. Ent-Vision Data Cleansing & Address StandardizationConsolidate unstructured data from multiple data sources to perform data cleansing, deduplication and merging to provide precise account and contact information.Standardise addresses into specific segments and transform the addresses into GPS coordinates with pinpoint on the map for visual demography of customer distribution. 2. Ent-Vision GeoAnalyticsBy overlaying customer data on geographical map, the commercial director can visualise customer distribution and distance to nearest service centres to determine the strategic locations for new service centres in order to enhance after-sales service and increase customers’ satisfaction. Find Out More!Contact us at 6872 0101 or email us at 01marcom@01.sg to find out how we can help you in Address Standardization and GeoAnalytics.