SME500 2010

SME500 2010


SME 2010

Singapore, 01 Feb 2010

01 Computer System ranked in Singapore SME500

News released in DP Information Group 2010 (23rd Annual) Singapore 1000 & SME 500 publication
We are pleased to announce that 01 Computer System is ranked among the TOP500 SMEs once again in the 2010 (23rd Annual) Singapore 1000 & SME 500 publication. It is the 9th consecutive year that 01 Computer System has been listed as one of the top SMEs in Singapore.

The SME 500 Award as ranked by DP Information is an annual platform to accord recognition to the largest and most vibrant SMEs in Singapore that have distinguished themselves through sterling financial performance in terms of Turnover, Net Profit and Return on Equity. It recognizes 01 Computer System as one of the most flourishing and top performing small & medium enterprises in all sectors.

Established since 1989, 01 Computer is well-known for its 3 core product categories and 2 core services, namely IT Peripheral, Printing Supplies, Data Storage, Audio Visual Consultancy Services and IT Consultancy Services. In addition, the company has also invested in innovative services to enhance business partners’ marketing productivity with innovative software applications and adoption platforms.

In 01 Computer, we are dedicated to living out our tagline Your Satisfaction, Our Pride and we take pride in delivering strong pre-sales support through our well-trained direct sales teams. Over the past years, our team has built strong customer relationship with the government (ministries and GLCs), education institutions, data-centers, top corporate organization and retail channel business partners.

At 01 Computer, the spirit behind each employee is the same - we will always strive to satisfy our customers and be a step closer to our vision, which is ‘to be recognized as the leading enabler of office solutions and marketing productivity across all customer segments in the region’.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for your support and look forward to a more prosperous year in 2010!

For more information, please contact:
Marketing Department
Tel: 6309 2719 / 6309 2723
Email: 01marcom@01.sg